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longwall technology

AFC with/without plough
BSL with Crusher
Shark Sprocket
Roller Curve
Double Life Pan
TK Chain
Trac-system (haulage system)

drive technology

load limiting clutch
tensionable drive frame

Pick Drum Crusher



Pick Drum Crusher HB-WB

  • By the penetration of the chisel the material is machined.
  • Good adjustability of the maximum product size.
  • Especially suitable for a considerate crushing.
  • Applicable for soft to medium-hard material.



HB-WB-14/14 in Germany


HB-WB-11/11 in Estonia


HB-WB-11/11 in Spain


HB-WB-14/18 in Germany



Screening Pan

  • Cutouts in the flight bars to achieve small final grain size.
  • Pre-screening results
    • Higher throughput of the entire plant.
    • Material size protection through less material in the           
    • The portion of fine material will not be increase
      (no unnecessary fines enlargement)


Functionality pre-screening



HB-WB-14/18 with pre-screening in Germany