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longwall technology

AFC with/without plough
BSL with Crusher
Shark Sprocket
Roller Curve
Double Life Pan
TK Chain
Trac-system (haulage system)

drive technology

load limiting clutch
tensionable drive frame

Impact Crusher


Impact Crusher HB-SK

  • Through a high-energy impact, the material is shattered to its natural breaking edges.
  • High thoughput rates can be achieved.
  • Also hard material can be broken.




HB-SK-11/11 in Colombia


HB-SK-11/11 in Colombia


HB-SK-11/11 in Chile


HB-SK-11/11 in Spitsbergen


HB-SK-11/18 in China


HB-SK-11/18 in China


HB-SK-11/15 in Turkey


HB-SK-08/08 in Russia


HB-SK-18/18 in Germany