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Shark Sprocket


Main effects

  • reduction of maintenance time

  • reduction of costs

  • increase of safety at work

  • increase of efficiency













Advantages of exchanging the teeth

  • Available for all common mining chains
  • inductive hardening up to 60 HRC
  • high sprocket efficiency because of precise matching teeth and chain

  • exchanging teeth instead of complete sprocket unit
  • no disassembly of the drive frame and no remove of sprocket shaft for exchanging the teeth
  • exchanging teeth through inspection door
  • special shaped teeth available for half worn chain




    image   image


Advantages of the Shark Sprocket Shaft


  • Available for all common drive frames

  •     sprocket shaft and teeth made from massiv steelbody
  • big shaft diameter resistant against bending forces

  • big shaft diameter is able to transmit big torques

  • special longlife bearings with possibility for grease and oil lubrication according to customer wish