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Armored Face Conveyor

 Drive Frame ApplicationsPans | Rollercurve


Drive Frame Applications

The right solution for every situation

  • Crossframe

  • Side discharge

  • Overhead discharge

  • Taildrive





preferred use in horizontal mining conditions
  • for faces with up to 7° incline

  • low dumping height

  • less dust

  • lowest drive frame configuration

  • full loading effect, no lost coal

  • combined advance of AFC and BSL

Side discharge

preferred use in incline mining conditions

  • for faces over 5° incline

  • option for combined or seperate advance of AFC and BSL

  • position of BSL close to face exit

  • ideal for gates with floor step





Overhead discharge

universal solution for all kind of mining condition

  • for discharging big and hard lumps

  • option for combined or seperate advance of AFC and BSL

  • suitable in changing mining conditions





suitable for all kind of mining conditions

  • can be positioned in face or gate

  • telescopic drive for chain tensioning by two cylinders

  • for faces with all inclines







Double Life Pan / Smart Pan

Our patented pan Highlights Double Life Pan and Smart Pan have the special feature that the central pan can be turned around. It does not matter if the road for the shearer is on the tread or on the ground.


Advantages of turning around the pan


■ double lifetime
■ double use of ressources
■ cost saving

The Challenge:

The wear in the upper race, called Wash-Out-Effect

The Solution:

By turning the central pan, the almost not worn lower race becomes the new upper race. This achieves a New-Race-Effect.

➀ Worn race with big wash out zone
➁ Deckplate
➂ Turning around the pan for double life
④ New race with small wash out zone

Progressive Wear Effect

Numbers in general, depending of ash and stone content, etc.

Double Life Pan features:

■ 1x central pan with 2x upper races
■ 1x base frame for minimum 2x central pans with 4x upper races
■ up to 60 mm deck plate
■ deck plate material 400 to 440HB
■ rolled profile up to 400HB
■ rolled profile with straightened molecule structure
in conveying direction

 Cost Advantage


 Below: The Double Life Pan has proven its advantages in Cayirhan/ Turkey since 2007..  


Standard Pan

The Halbach & Braun standard pans are fixed welded constructions and can be designed for all geological and technical machine conditions.

  • Profilehight 227 - 320 mm
  • rolled profile up to 400 HB
  • rolled profile with straightened molecule structure
    in conveying direction
  • deckplate thickness 30 - 60 mm
  • deckplate hardeness up to 440HB
  • pan connector up to 500t
  • adaptable to all shearer loaders
  • adaptable to all roof supports



Roller Curve
Conveying around the corner

  • rear AFC

  • shortwall

  • longwall

Short facts

  • connection of AFC and BSL to one conveyor

  • no friction at inside curve, because a roller disc guides the flight bars around the corner

  • usable with single middle chain up to size 56x175

  • no special roof support needed at face end

  • maintenance-free

  • less dust and less fine coal in production, because no transfer point at face end
  • good loading and undercut possibility until face end, because shearer does not need to ramp up

  • no lost coal because conveyor and Roller Curve stay on the bottom

  • face entry is wide open

  • increase of safety due to better and easier access of face

  • less down time due reduced number of machine components



For pillar extraction up to 100 m


  • only one transmission in the gate needed

  • no special roof support at face end necessary

  • less cables and hoses along the face, only one power cable for shearer necessary



For high efficiency up to 350 m

  • no transmission at main gate area necessary

  • suitable for chain sizes 34, 42, 48 and 56


Rear AFC

For caving methods up to 200 m

  • only one transmission in the gate needed

  • high security for men and machines, because no transmission in caving area