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Plough System

Benchmark data

Plough Body



■ precise face adaption with split body design
■ good horizon control with strong sword bottom plate
■ rollers for low friction
■ automatic adjustment of cutting angle by turning towers
■ moveable cutting shoes with small angle loading ramp
■ three types of symmetrical plough picks for easy mounting
■ height adjustable roof picks (1 500 mm)
■ strong plough chain 42 x 137


Plough Pans



■ with 40mm bottom plate
■ symmetrical built protection hoods for chain channel
■ chain channel to accept chain and connectors size 42
■ plough chain on goaf side
■ easy access to chain by opening two neighbouring hoods
■ strong connectors of plough pans with up to 300t
■ increase of transport square section of pan by high front guiding plates
■ flexible rubber bracket for more working safety
■ possibility to connect an active steering with hydraulic cylinder